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important message:

We will be closed for renovation from June 10th (after morning classes) and we hope to reopen on August 5th (if renovation goes as planned). We hope YOU will bear with us and support us during this transformation time. We are working really hard to give you a safe, friendly, judgement free zone, sweaty, dance and workout studio. We are a small studio but we love and believe in what we do. ​During this break, we know you will keep your fitness journey going and we hope you will come back once we reopen. Our clean eating groups is still going strong online, so make sure to sign up and/or follow us on Facebook. We hope you have an awesome Summer! We thank you for your love, support and understanding and can’t wait to dance/workout/yoga with you again. 

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High Intensity Interval Training

15 DAY clean eating and workout SUPPORT group. 

Our next support group we will prep week of Monday June 5th and will start Monday June 12th.
Start or continue transforming to a better, healthier version of yourself. Knowledge is power. Learn with us how to live a healthy life.

No magic pills, no shake, no secret. 

How to sign in? Fill out form on bottom of Support Group page. Must have Facebook to participate.

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Welcome to www.whollyfit.net

We are located in LILBURN GA and we have a JUDGMENT FREE ZONE. We love and respect different values, beliefs, opinions, sizes, shapes, cultures, colors, etc. We love the differences that make us unique and we love the differences that bring us together. We want to help you in your journey to a more fit, healthier, better you. Our licensed instructors are happy to welcome you in a secure environment  to workout, to dance, to be who you want to be. We all have the same goal: becoming a better, healthier, happier version of ourselves.  We focus on providing a creative outlet for women to move their bodies while making fitness fun, regardless of prior experience or ability levels.  With lots of classes to choose from we have something for everyone! 

JOIN US today! No contract, no registration fees. Pay as you come or save by choosing one of our passes (valid 1 year). Find our prices here.

FITNESS studio in lilburn GA since oct. 2013, NO contract, No Registration fees.


5345 Five Forks Trickum Road

Lilburn GA 30047

(678) 576-5186