Most frequently asked questions.


Yes! We have moved our classes to a new location and we teamed up with SUITE FIT studio in Lilburn. Click HERE for details.


Do I have to sign a contract and pay registration fees?

NO! You do not have to sign a contract to join us and we do not charge registration fees. You pay for your classes and that's all! NO HIDDEN FEES! Click HERE for more details.

How long is my pass valid for?

All our passes are valid for 6 months and our Unlimited is valid 1 month from the date of purchase. We may extend your pass if you were unable to use your pass due to medical reasons or pregnancy. Just contact us to ask for your pass to be "held" longer. Our passes are NOT refundable.

Why can I use my pass with Stephanie and Laura only?

Our 5 class pass is valid just for Stephanie's and Laura's class because they are the only Wholly Fit! certified at this location. Please contact Suite Fit for their passes and schedule. 

Can I share my pass with a family member or give it to someone if I can't use it?

Yes, you are welcome to share or give away your pass with whom you wish. We will need your authorization first before letting your friend/family use it.

Do you keep my pass or do I?

Either way works. Most people like for us to keep their pass so they do not forget it or do not have to worry about loosing it. Make sure to write your name on the back if you keep it in case you misplace it.


What is the difference between Zumba® and Zumba® Gold?

The two classes are based on same "easy to follow along" method. The difference is that the tempo of the music is slower for Gold and we do very few or no "fitness" moves, such as jumping or squats, compare to a Zumba® class that may have such moves. Gold is a low impact class while Zumba® is a high impact class.

What is the difference between Zumba® and Dance Fitness?

​Both are high impact dance fitness classes. You will get a good sweat with either one. Zumba® is a dance fitness class based on Latin and World rhythms. While Dance fitness may have more Hip Hop or pop music. 

​I have no dancing experience, will I be able to follow the class?
There is no level in our classes. Classes are "follow along". You do what you can. We have a judgement free zone, so everyone can dance at their level in a safe environment. There is no wrong moves in dancing, just freestyles. Same, for the interval training classes, you do what you can and try to push yourself a little more every time you come. None of our instructors will be yelling at you! LOL

Do you offer private classes?

Yes we do. Contact us or contact directly the instructor you wish a private class with. 

Do you offer updates in case of cancellation of a class?

Yes, usually post on Facebook if a class is being cancelled. We also send text alerts. Click HERE to sign up to our text alerts.


What is the dress code?

We do not have a dress code per say. But we strongly suggest for you to wear comfortable workout clothing that will allow you to sweat and move easily.Leggings and tank tops or T.shirts are usually our to-go outfits.

Should I bring a bottle of water and a towel?

Yes, feel free to bring a towel and a bottle of water. We have a water fountain if you need to refill your bottle of water.

Can I change to my workout clothes once I get to the studio?

Yes, our restroom/ dressing room is big enough for you to be able to change from your work/day clothes to your workout outfit.

Do you sell Wholly Fit! tanks and T's?

Yes, we still have some tanks and T's available for purchase. Please ask Stephanie or Laura for details.


Can I bring my child when I do the class?

Yes, you can, if your child can seat quietly for an hour with a book, colors or a device. Please keep in mind that the music during adult classes and some dance moves may be a little "sassy". We will shake what our mama gave us LOL. So it is to your discretion to know if the adult class is appropriate for your child to see.Music is also loud.

At what age my child can dance with me?

Starting at 13 years old, teens are welcome to join the adult classes. Please keep in mind that the music and some dance moves may be a little "sassy". It is to your and your child's discretion to know if the adult class is appropriate or not.

You can also email us or call us if you have any questions we did not answer above. Contact us today!

FITNESS studio in lilburn GA since oct. 2013, NO contract, No Registration fees.