21 day clean eating and exercise SUPPORT GROUPS

This monthly group is made for those who mean business and want to change and boost their metabolism to the next level. 

Tired of diets that do not work? Tired of feeling deprived and frustrated? Tired of losing weight and gaining it back and more?

We can help you break the cycle and finally find a healthy amazing program!  NO pills - NO secret formula - NO wasting time.

This effective program is based on these 4 simple elements:



and accountability fitness coach

Laura is our ‘eat clean’ certified coach by Plate™ by Zumba®. Plate™ is a nutritional program. It was developed with a nationally respected doctor, a sports nutritionist, and a clinical researcher.
Laura can help you learn the basics of nutrition-science, the importance of eating whole foods and avoiding processed items, as well as the power of antioxidants, fiber, and fueling the body for fitness, to name a few topics.
Clean eating is not a diet. It is a way of eating so that you feed your body what it needs with food free of fillers, chemicals, pesticides, and other undesired and unhealthy additives. Each day we need well-chosen essential calories and essential plants. Laura can help you start or continue on your path to a healthier

Create healthy new habits! During the next 30 days, learn the basics to fueling and healing your body with a plant-based diet. (Not a ‘diet’ diet!) Find out why it’s so important. During the next 30 days, participants will be invited to take part in video lessons- a new lesson every three days!

Topics are:
Essential Calories and Essential Plants
Grocery Shopping as an Art
The Importance of Fiber
Metabolism Basics
Fuel for your Fitness
Foods to Fight Pain
Addictive Foods

Along with the clean eating, we will ask you to workout a minimum of 5 days a week.

We offer morning and evening to accommodate your schedule. if you cannot make it to the studio, we will send you videos of workouts to do at home.

$100 per month (includes access to Be Fit! Support Group and personal coaching).  

Must have a Facebook account and best if you own a step tracker (Fitbit, Garmin...). Sign up below.



Thank you for choosing our support and guidance in your journey to a better and healthier you!

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For 21 days we will coach you with workouts and clean eating (Prep 6 days + 15 day group)

This support group will help you in your journey to a better/healthier you! Nutrition and workout combined are what will help you get to your target weight or healthier you! 

For 21 days we will coach you with workouts and clean eating. This group includes: 
- 6 days of prepping (prep your meals, clean out fridge and pantry, go shopping, get your workout scheduled and get your head into the game...)
- 15 days of workouts and clean eating coaching, 
- 5 day meal plan (breakfast, lunch and dinner)
- a LIVE cooking class via Facebook Live
- daily in class or online at home workouts options
- accountability partners
- support and guidance
Laura, our licensed "Plate coach", will help you with healthy/clean eating. She will give you meals ideas and teach you the basics of clean eating.

Stephanie, Laura, Tia and Kate will help you with the workouts and the coaching that you need. 

You will eat clean, drink water, and workout a minimum of 30 minutes, 5 days a week, with the help and support of our coaches.​ If you cannot make it to us for your daily workout, NO problem, we will give you online options, so you can do from home. 

Only $15 per participant, that's ONLY $0.71 a day!!!!!
Pay in person at studio during operating hours (check our Facebook Page for daily schedule)

or mail your payment (email us for more details).






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We offer an effective support group to help you in your journey to a better, healthier and happier you!

As human beings, we are experts at coming up with excuses not to do something. Our coaches will guide you, motivate you, help you find the strength to overcome your excuses.

Accountability is EVERYTHING! We let ourselves down all the time. But being accountable to another person helps us

reach our goals because we do not want to disappoint. Our coaches will keep you accountable and in check. We take

your well being very seriously. You only get one body, right? So it is time to take care of it. Choose one of our support groups and let's get started! Sign up below.



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